We are bringing hope for this life and the life to come to a world in desperate need of genuine hope. This hope is found in Jesus Christ and through the proclomation of the truth of God's word.
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Pastor: Brother Larry Strickland

Financial Secretary
Doug Sullivan
Director of Maintenance
Doug Sullivan
Cathy Anderson takes care of all of the Church Financial issues.
Bro. Ernie Triest is responsible for the overall upkeep of the church facilities.

Children's Ministries
Doug Sullivan

Principal Terry Denmark leads Hope Christian Academy which serves all ages from the cradle to Senior High.
leads the children's ministry.
Music Director

Youth Ministries

David Griffis leads the adult choir in the different services of the church.
Kyle Boyette is leading the team that is reaching out to the youth of our community.
Worship Leader

David Griffis leads the congregation in worship in the different services of the church.